expert help for post-rehab clean and sober living

Mark Richard Lotter

About personal style, healthy living and self-worth:

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A happy life is holistic. It embraces every aspect of one's being. Unlike many other hypnotherapists, Mark uses his decades of style and image consulting alongside his empathetic and compassionate counselling. His unique approach is invaluable in helping you with weight management issues, eating disorders, overcoming various phobias and unwanted habits. But, most of all his special talent shows you how to feel good about yourself in a physical, emotional and spiritual way.

No matter what your situation, if you are lonely, have no self-worth, have lost pride in yourself, if you are disconnected from life and have feelings of utter hopelessness, Mark is there to help you. He offers understanding, compassion and utilises a variety of techniques and ideas to get you back into the swing of life again. More than just an external makeover, Mark's intuitive approach and hypnotherapy skills helps you restore your divine inner beauty.

About drug and alcohol abuse:

It's always a good idea to quickly seek medical help and psychotherapy if you find yourself caught in destructive cycles of drug or alcohol abuse but what do you do when these programmes end? Who do you turn to for supportive useful advice? Your close family and friends may be part of the reason you turned to drugs and alcohol and whilst they generally care deeply about your situation, they might be too close, too influential or to biased to be of any practical help.

View of the Consulting Room

It is helpful for those impacted by substance abuse and other life challenges to work with somebody who truly understands the situation, someone who offers a hand of nurturing friendship without fear and judgement. Mark helps build strong, supportive foundations of love and understanding by working with you, your loved ones and other affected persons.

You shouldn't have to face your recovery alone.

Mark helps you deal with post-rehab stress by showing you how to fill your free time, how to choose who you allow into your life and, most importantly, how to change the way you think about yourself.

As your nurturing guide, Mark helps you to remember why you wanted to change. He helps you work through your past attempts at being sober to discover what worked and what didn't. He works with you to formulate specific, measurable goals towards full recovery. His non-judgemental advice, helps you remove reminders of your addiction from your environment and how to discover ways to talk to friends and family so that they can best support you.

Success depends upon building a strong, supportive and trusted group of people around you. People you can lean on. It is very important to build a sober network at home, at work and amongst like-minded friends. It's equally vital to meet regularly with those who understand exactly what you're going through. Mark is there for you.

Prevention is always better than cure. Mark speaks convincingly to the youth at schools, churches and clubs to help children reach their full potential free from drug and alcohol abuse. He works closely with various outreach programmes across all religious and spiritual denominations.

Mark's story:

Drugs, alcohol, and other addictions shatter life, as do prejudice about one's sexual orientation, religious differences and other forms of judgement. Families are often fragmented, careers collapse and the world darkens. Mark has been there. He understands your awful emptiness, your loneliness and the difficulty of integrating yourself into society. His personal experience equipped him and he offers you his hand of friendship, an empathic listening ear, expert advice and guidance in a safe and loving space.

He says of himself: 'My love for people brought me to a place of not wanting to fix or help them but to extend my hand and be with them in their time of loneliness and awful emptiness. My programme focuses on mind, body and spirit. It's where I meet and guide others with love, compassion and empathy.'

For many years, Mark worked in the world of hair, make-up and image consulting. Most of his life revolved around changing people's outward image. He says: 'An image makeover boosts one's confidence, enhances one's feelings of self-worth and self-respect yet these outer changes are transient and short-lived.'

Mark is a hypnotherapist but he is also an artist. He paints, draws, sculpts and loves interior decorating. Yet, as he says: 'My artistic talent drove me to an almost psychotic need to create beautiful and exquisitely different things: hairstyles, paintings, concepts and numerous object de art. I was always looking for new and creative ideas, yet always quickly getting bored and feeling unfulfilled. Drugs offered a temporary and sinister escape but inevitably they led me away from self-fulfilment and into years of depression and a disconnection with life. There, life and the world seemed to lose its real beauty.'

Blessed by the love, generosity and divine grace of others, Mark look for deeper meaning to life. He overcame his addictions and discovered new purpose. Mark dedicates his life to helping others. 'I do this by sharing my experience, I'm able to touch the lives of others so that they may walk free again without the shackles of their inner pain.'

He describes his past as a broken cup: 'I dropped the cup when I lost control. Rehab and the kind concern of others helped me pick up the pieces. A new outlook and purpose on life became the glue that held the broken fragments together. The cup is restored and usable again even though the breaks are still clearly visible. Those breaks are the sobering reminder of the wisdom I took from those dark days.'